she/her cisfemUSA | 2w1 | infj

likes food. kpop. cats. cooking. gaming.
dislikes drama. conflict. hiking. bugs

Ult Biases

about me
BYF: i'm 21+. i suck at replying sometimes. i forget a lot of things too. just don't be mean and treat others with kindness. ^^
ult biases: choi youngjae. woodz. kim wooseok. lee chaeryeong. han jisung. liu yangyang. park jisung. na jaemin. park jihoon. yoshinori kanemoto. hendery. lee felix.
ult groups | stray kids nct treasure x1 itzy ateez p1harmony
also stans | exo bts victon enhypen txt cravity got7 monsta x xdinary heroes seventeen onewe tnx one ok rock iz*one dreamcatcher stayc purple kiss ive nmixx etc....


1996 | UNIQ/X1 | ENFP
Fandom: Moodz
Favorite Song: Accident


2001 | ITZY | ISFJ
Fandom Name: Midzy
Favorite Song: Wannabe

Kim Wooseok

1996 | UP10TION/X1 | INTJ
Fandom Name: Nia
Favorite Song: Red Moon

What's Playing...

nanana | got7

beatbox | nct dream

stupid o'clock | victon

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